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19th February 2022
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What Section 21 abolition could mean for Landlords?

As part of the continuing haul of the sector, the government has outlined plans to consult on new legislation to eliminate Section 21 evictions, often called ‘no-fault’ evictions. 

Under the government’s proposal, evicting tenants using a Section 21 notice procedure will no longer be possible and will only be able to end tenancies where they have a legitimate reason to do so. If the changes get through Parliament, in order to evict tenants, landlords need to rely on Section 8. This means that concrete evidence is needed to bring a tenancy to an end.

What is Section 21?

Section 21 allows landlords to reclaim their property from tenants with two months’ notice without claiming fault on the part of the tenant. This means that a tenant can be evicted through Section 21 notice even if the tenant has not broken any aspect of a tenancy agreement.

But there are limitations where Section 21 can only be served. It can only be served if a tenancy has no set end date and once the fixed term agreement has ended.

What will happen if Section 21 is abolished?

Without Section 21, landlords will need legitimate grounds for evicting tenants, unless the landlord is intending to sell the property or move into the property. But tenants who don’t break their tenancy agreement will have the right to stay in the property indefinitely.

When will it be abolished?

As of yet, there is no specific date. The white paper is expected to arrive at some point this year.

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