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I highly recommend Bluestone Properties.
I can't speak highly enough of my experience with Bluestone Properties. I met
with a couple of agents before Philip. I knew instantly he was the one who
could really help me. He is honest and he really helped me finding a new

George Finch, Happy Customer

Highly recommended !
I couldn't recommend enough the Bluestone Properties service ! I had
issues with the previous company that was managing my property, but
since I switched into Blue Stone I have no problems at all. It's more, Marta
is very helpful on a daily issues that are promptly solved. Very professional
and always there when needed. Highly recommended !

Anna Lewandowska, Happy Customer

We always recommend them to
Bluestone Properties
We have been carrying out all the inventories , check-In's and
Check-Out's as well as interim inspections for Bluestone Properties for a
number of years now, and we have to say they always conduct
themselves in a professional., timely and friendly manner, which makes
our work a lot easier. When our private landlord clients ask us if we know
a good

Hamilton James, Inventory Specialists

I would say the best letting agency in London. I was looking for a house, I had many issues and needed support and assistance in order to find the right property for me and my needs. Karine was absolutely amazing, she collaborated with me and the manager Marta, another incredible person, lovely, trustful and helpful. I now have my stunning house, and I have all the support from them, for everything! I just need to say, thanks!

Raul-Daniel Tatu, Happy Customer

Excellent, professional, efficient and friendly service from day one. I highly
recommend Bluestone Properties to anyone looking to rent out a property with
peace of mind as to a good job being done on your behalf. Many thanks to the
whole team that assisted in finding a suitable tenant that moved in within 9
days of our initial meeting. Good work!

Ms J Brewster, Happy Customer

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