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Bluestone Properties is an estate agency based in South West London. We cater to different real estate needs in South West London region including Balham, Clapham, Tooting Bec, Tooting, Tooting Broadway, Streatham, Norbury, and surrounding areas.

Bluestone Properties is founded 10 years ago with a vision of creating importance on building good relationships with our landlords and tenants. We don’t take anything or anyone for granted especially our clients. 

If we do not help them and treat them right, then someone else will. And though we already carved a solid reputation in providing excellent and professional services as real estate agents and letting agents, our approach has stayed the same. When our clients come to us whether they want to sell a home, buy a home, let a property, or rent a property, we want to make sure we provide them our best service. Helping our clients is the very core of our business. We have a passion for doing what is best for our clients. We believe in long term success that is built upon showing that day-in and day-out.

We always strive to lead in all aspects of our business. We always strive for excellence. That’s what our clients expect from us and that’s what we expect of each other. 

Relationships, knowledge, expertise, and integrity are our guiding principles. We take comfort in knowing that our team embraces these principles as we carry out our business activities. 

We are not just a business. We are part of the community. And rest assured that our focus is on the people that matter most: You




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