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Whether you are a tenant or a landlord, letting of property can be a minefield - from repair issues to other potential problems. Fortunately, we are here to help. In this page, we offer useful guides that will help you keep your relationship with your landlord or tenants on track and be up-to-date with the property letting laws.

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Tenant's Guide: A Guide to Understanding Condensation

In our Guide to Understanding Condensation, we’ll walk
through how condensation happens in the property and
how to combat condensation.

Tenant's Guide: 6 Common Issues to Look for in a Broken Boiler

In our Guide - 6 Common Issues to Look for in a Broken Boiler,
we’ll walk through the 6 common issues to look for in a broken boiler.  

Landlord's Guide to Electrical Safety

Bluestone Properties has produced this guide based on the Electrical
Safety Standards in the Private Rented Sector (England) Regulations
2020 to help landlords understand their responsibilities for electrical
safety in their rental properties – and to give practical advice on the
requirements in ensuring the safety of tenants.

A Simple First-Time Landlord's Guide

This guide is for first-time landlords. If you are new to the industry,
or you wouldlike a refresher on being a landlord, Bluestone Properties
simple first-time landlord guide's will be of benefit.

Landlord's Guide: Maximise Rental Income

All business owners should look for ways to maximise their rental
income, and landlords are no different. This is our how landlords
can maximise rental income.

Tenant's Guide: Tenant Like Manner

Tenants are responsible for all those little jobs that are required
as part of the normal occupancy of any property.

Tenant's Guide: Master the Radiator Trick to Slash Your Energy Bills

Dive into the effective radiator trick that could revolutionize the way
you approach heating your home

Tenant's Guide: Strategies  for  Maintaining  a Dry  and  Mould-Free  Home

Learn essential strategies for keeping your rented home dry and mould-free this winter.

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