Why Tenants Prefer Renting with a Property Manager?

21st September 2020
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Every landlord would want to make their tenants happy and satisfied. A happy and satisfied tenant tends to stay longer in the property. However, it does not mean that the tenants want to be in a property where most of the time they have to deal with the landlord. Most tenants prefer to rent a house or a flat with a property manager.


Here are the 6 reasons tenants prefer renting with a property manager.


1.     Property managers are familiar with the local laws and landlord-tenant legislation.

In general, property managers are very familiar with landlord-tenant legislation. They may not be lawyers, but they have learned the rights of the landlords and the tenants to ensure that the rules and the law will be followed. Property managers understand the rights of the tenants and make them more comfortable that the rules and the lease agreement will be followed. Also, property managers are always updated with the rules and regulations of the government.


2.     Better communication

Unlike landlords, property managers are more focused on the tenancy. They provide faster and better communication. The landlord is most likely to have other businesses or commitments. With property managers, tenants can expect a quick response. Tenants like knowing there is an office point of contact. They do not like the uncertainty of dealing directly with a landlord who may be unresponsive, or slow to act.


3.     Safe Transactions

Since 2007, under the legislation, a landlord must put the deposit in a government-approved Tenancy Deposit Protection scheme. And property managers make sure this is followed so you don't get in trouble. Some landlords fail to secure the deposit in a government-approved tenancy TDP scheme which causes complications at the end of the tenancy.


4.     Faster Solutions

Property managers provide faster solutions to all kinds of tenancy problem. They already have a list of vetted contractors they can call immediately. 


5. Trust 

 So many tenants do not trust landlords who self-manage, preferring to rent properties who are managed by a professional agency instead. Therefore a property advertised as Fully Managed will stand out and rent quicker. 


6.     Relocation help

A property manager that manages several properties usually handles properties in different locations. Therefore, if a tenant chooses to move out, the tenant will find help from the property manager in finding a different place.


The benefits of hiring a professional property manager go far beyond what has been discussed here. If you need any help deciding whether you are in a position to manage your buy-to-let property, contact Bluestone Properties today. Call us on 0208 355 3405 and we can tell you more about the benefits of having us as your property manager.

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