How to prepare your property for inventory?

20th June 2022
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Inventory is one of the most important steps in the letting process. The condition of the property, as well as its presentation and appearance, can have a significant impact on how quickly it is rented and at what price point.

It is also one of the most time-consuming, so it's important to prepare your property for this step.

So what should you do to prepare your property for inventory?

We have some tips for you that can help you prepare your property for inventory:1) Clean and tidy up the rooms - make sure that everything is in its place and there are no objects on the floor that could be damaged during an inspection.

2) Replace broken glass or mirrors - if there are any broken windows or mirrors, replace them before you begin conducting inspections on a regular basis. This will eliminate the risk of injury during inspection and allow you to check out all of your rooms without worrying about getting hurt.

3) Prepare for bad weather - if there is bad weather approaching, prepare your home with rain boots and umbrellas so inspectors can walk through without getting wet or stuck inside without being able to see anything in detail due to poor lighting conditions caused by heavy rainfall outside.

4). Make sure all appliances are functioning properly and in good condition so you don't need to replace them before moving out/renting out the property

5) Make sure that all windows are clean and mold-free so there's no chance of leaks or other problems when people move in (this can be costly).

6) You should also consider whether any new fixtures or fittings need replacing before advertising your property - this can save money down the line by reducing maintenance costs further down the road!

7). Make sure the place smells nice—you can either air out the house or use air freshener to make sure it feels clean and welcoming.


8).Remove any personal items from the property and make sure that all personal items are removed from the property.


9). Ensure that all repairs or maintenance works have been completed before the inventory check-in date so that there is no delay

10). Ensure that you have the valid gas certificate and the smoke detectors are working properly.

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