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Balham is a diverse, culturally rich and vibrant neighborhood in south London

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Balham is a popular area of South West London in the borough of Wandsworth, situated between Clapham and Tooting Bec commons. It is mostly populated by young professionals, couples and families, all drawn to the area’s easy transport links, excellent schools, including Hornsby House, Henry Cavendish and Holy Ghost Primary.


Balham has a plethora of outdoor space. The area is surrounded by not one but three leafy commons: Clapham, Wandsworth and Tooting. Balham has several outdoor spaces that provide opportunities for recreation in its parks. The area has many parks including Tooting Common and Wandsworth Common which offer plenty of space for children to play. It has an abundance of green space that makes it perfect for running, walking or cycling.

One of the great things about Balham is the food. From pizza to dimsum, you'll find it in Balham.


Quick History of Balham

Balham's history dates back to at least 1377 when the area was known as Balham Field. The name Balham may derive from an Anglo-Saxon word meaning "bare home" or "home cleared by burning".

In the Middle Ages, Balham was a rural village with a few smallholdings and much woodland. By the time of the 1881 census, its population had grown to 1,377 and it was gradually suburbanising along what is now Balham Hill; however, it remained a village: Balham High Road was still unpaved, and all building materials were carried by hand from the Ohmanshah (or Ohmstead) brickfield at Tooting Bec Common.

By the end of the 19th century, Balham had become home to many artists and writers. The novelist E. M. Forster lived at 17 Paul's Road from 1911 and wrote most of A Room With A View there in 1908/09; he was followed by his brother Arnold Forster in 1920.The author Compton Mackenzie lived at 96 Gliddon Road



Architecture and Properties in Balham

The Balham area has many architectural styles that are unique to the area. The most common type of architecture found in Balham is Victorian, with many houses built between 1860 and 1910. These Victorian homes have tall ceilings and large windows with lots of light coming into the house. They also have decorative features like gables, bay windows and dormers that give them a unique appearance.


There are also many smaller apartments in Balham that were built during the 1960s and 1970s. Many of these apartments were converted from old Victorian houses into more modern apartments with more contemporary designs using materials such as brick walls or wood panelling instead of stone or plaster walls.


Some new developments have been built in Balham since 2000 including some luxury apartments located near Holland Park railway station or large detached homes located on high ground overlooking central London such as Brixton Hill or Windmill Hill Road which offer spectacular views over the city skyline at night when lit up by hundreds of lights below them.

Shopping and Amenities in Balham

Shopping in Balham offers a wide variety of stores, shopping centres and other amenities. The main shopping centre is called Balham High Road and it is located on the corner of Balham High Road and Clapham Road. This area is known as one of the most popular shopping areas in London. There are also many other smaller shops that offer everything from clothes to books to food.

Balham has a commercial centre with many shops, including large branches of Tesco, Sainsbury's and Waitrose. Local restaurants include Les Trois Garçons and The Shipwright Arms.

Schools in Balham

In Balham, London, there are plenty of options for parents who want their children to go to a school that's close by and have the highest grades possible. Here are the schools in Balham:

  • Holy Ghost Catholic Primary School
  • Alderbrook Primary School
  • Rutherford House School
  • Revenstone Primary School
  • Telferscot Primary School
  • Trinity St. Mary’s CofE Primary School
  • Chestnut Grove School
  • Eveline day School
  • London Steiner School
  • Oak Lodge School

Transportation in Balham

Balham London is accessible through public transportation and cars. The best way to get around Balham is by using the Tube.

The area is served by two railway stations: Balham Station and Tooting Bec Station. And there are several  bus routes run through Balham.

There are also two tram routes that pass through Balham: The Tramlink and The Croydon Tramlink. These two tram lines both connect with other parts of London such as Wimbledon and Elmers End respectively. They both stop at Wimbledon Park Station on the way to their final destinations; however they do not share any stops between each other or with any other train lines so passengers need to transfer at one point or another along the way depending on where they want to go after leaving this station (and vice versa).


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