Choosing The Right Property Management Company
3rd Feb 20

Choosing The Right Property Management Company

3rd Feb 20
Managing your property portfolio can be a never-ending task as a landlord; it can be overwhelming
to deal with every prospect, concern, or repair issue when your time is so precious. As a result, many
buy-to-let owners choose a lettings agent that offers a property management service for ongoing

Whether you`ve only recently considered what a property manager can do for you, or you`re
unsatisfied with your current service, let us give you an idea of what to expect from a property
management company, and why you shouldn’t`t settle for anything less:

1. Just a phone call away

When managing your properties single-handedly, it can be hard to find a second when bombarded
with calls and emails. Especially during the first few months of a tenancy, it`s inevitable that
questions about the boiler, problems with the plumbing and general queries will arise, and dealing
with them efficiently is vital for maintaining a strong relationship.

Your property management company should be on hand to deal with your tenants whenever they
need you; our 24-hour emergency tenant line means you won`t be forced out of bed again if a

smoke alarm is on the fritz.

2. Dealing with admin
To keep your rental income coming in smoothly, it`s essential to stay on top of associated
paperwork. From the initial background checks and administration when a tenant moves into your
property, to the mid-term and end-term checkouts, a reputable property management service
should minimise your burden wherever possible.

By chasing any outstanding rent payments for you, and arranging renewals with good tenants who
are interested in staying on for another term, you can have peace of mind that you have a steady
income without the stress that comes with sustaining it.

3. A cost-effective fix
Repairs and maintenance can be contentious; even small issues can sour the landlord/tenant bond if
they aren`t addressed properly from either party`s perspective. Residents can feel resentful if you
don`t immediately fix a problem, but they may not factor in the pressure of your work schedule, the
fact that you`re balancing potentially dozens of properties on the same pedestal.

Your property manager should have a team of trusted contractors in their network who they can call
on for any odd jobs, major work or turnarounds between lettings, ensuring you get a job well done
at the lowest possible price. It means you no longer have to act as a middle man between
contractors and tenants!

You can never entirely predict what any given year in the property bubble will bring, yet hiring a
management service like ours lets you breathe a little easier. Your main business is people, after all,
and without a calm and encompassing attitude to their concerns, they`re unlikely to stick around for
longer than they need to.
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