5 Things To Do In London When It Rains
16th May 18

5 Things To Do In London When It Rains

16th May 18

Don’t let showers rain on your parade. Make a grey day brighter by exploring the capital with no fear of getting caught in a downpour. These are the outings to save for a rainy or snowy day:

Draughts Board Game Café

While away the hours indoors by getting down to the ultimate rainy-day activity: a board game. At Draughts there are more than 500 to choose from. The £5 entry fee allows you unlimited play as well as the guidance of a ‘game guru’ who will tell you which game is best for your group and give you the lowdown on the rules. So cheaters, beware.

Welcome Collection Reading Room

Don’t get soaked in the rain, soak up knowledge in the Wellcome Collection’s beautiful reading room. This gallery-cum-library-cum-events space has more than a thousand books and a hundred objects to peruse, including contemporary sculptures, paintings, medical artefacts and manuscripts. Pick one of the many comfy sofas and hunker down with a book. You’ll instantly forget all about the dark clouds outside.

James Smith & Sons

Give the rain what for by brandishing one of Jimmy Smith’s superior-quality umbrellas at it. This charming Victorian shop is filled with every kind of brolly from traditional to snazzy high-tech folding models and sun parasols.

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Sweeten up a sour day by sipping on a bubbling hot chocolate at Choccywoccydoodah’s upstairs café. Its version of the cocoa classic comes with whipped cream, large pink marshmallows, a dusting of cocoa and a magic wand of curled chocolate. You can also choose from 70-percent-cocoa-butter dark, 38 percent milk or 29 percent white chocolate.

Electric Cinema Notting Hill

Get comfy in one of London’s oldest cinemas by watching a flick wrapped in a cashmere blanket in one of Electric Cinema’s luxurious leather armchairs. Nestle down on one of the front row’s six opulent, velvet-lined double beds for a sumptuously cosy few hours indoors.
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